The Tiki Bros.
Tiki Bro (leader)
Tiki Bro leader
Vital statistics
Title Boss/Witch Doctors
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rez
Health 3 (each Brother counts as one hit)
Level Gilligex Isle
Status Deceased
Location Unknown

The Tiki Bros. are the 1st boss of Gex: Enter the Gecko.


Tiki Bro

Common Tiki Bro

The Tiki Bros., while seemingly not directly working for Rez, seemed to have obtained a Gold Remote through unknown means, though it is implied that they saw it as a sacred talisman of sorts. However, given their hostility, Rez most likely gave them the Gold Remote believing that they could protect it from Gex, who would need it to progress through the Media Dimension and should they fail, then Rez would be rid of a possible annoyance. This is also implied by their status as the 1st boss of Enter the Gecko.

Design and inspiration

The Tiki Bros. are stereotypical tribesmen/shamans, with big tiki masks of multiple colors and shaman-like sticks.


Rez's World - Boss Channel - Gilligex Isle

Gilligex Isle Channel Logo

The Tiki Bros., as stated above, are the first bosses of Enter the Gecko, with their boss channel "Gilligex Isle" becoming accessible once 3 Red Remotes are collected. Upon their defeat, Gex gains access to the center of the Media Dimension, where, among other things, Mooshoo Pork, the 1st Kung-Fu Theater level, the 2nd Scream TV level, and the 1st Circuit Central level are located.


Tiki Brothers arena

Tiki Brothers' arena

The strategy is a simple one. All Gex needs to do is wait for the Tiki Bros. to summon a blue fireball and hit it back at one of them (the leader actually shows this tactic before the fight). Should the fireball hit a Tiki Brother, then that Tiki Brother will be sent falling into the cauldron in the center of the arena. The strategy changes slightly when only one brother remains and begins to strafe from one side of the arena to another to avoid the fireballs Gex sends back at him. However, the fireballs are still just as effective as last time and the last Tiki Brother will have his goose cooked in no time.


The Tiki Bros. are shown to be uncaring towards one another, as when the 4th brother gets in the seemingly eldest brother's way, he is pushed in the cauldron to die. While they do work as a team, they don't seem to care much if one of their own is defeated, as it seems that they are more focused on protecting the Gold Remote than themselves.


"Ooga-booga..." - dying Tiki Brother


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  • Main
Tiki Bros 1
  • Fire Wall
Tiki Bros 2
  • Tiki Bro leader
Tiki Bros 3


  • The Tiki Bros. have the shortest amount of HP out of all the series' bosses with 3 total (1 for each brother).
  • Like Rez, Mecharez, and Mooshoo Pork, if the Tiki Bros. take damage the music will change. It will change in phases in the same way as Mecharez's theme.