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Superhero Show

Superhero Show is the 11th and last level/channel in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. Set on the rooftops of a city, it parodies superhero films and TV shows alike, whether original or adapted from comic books in the same genre. It requires 26 remotes (total) to unlock. Gex himself dresses as a parody of Spider-Man (with a more fly-like appearance), and he can also find superhero changing booths that temporarily turn him into a stronger hero and thus break certain obstacles. At a later point, Gex will also be able to obtain a permanent "chicken costume" (parodying Hawkman) that gives him the ability to glide (it's permanent until he completes the level). All the missions involve defeating a specific type of enemy.




  • Defeat the Mad Bomber
  • Get the Three Stray Cats
  • Find the Five Escaped Convicts

Post-level cutscene (PS1)

Gex: "I’m back! Did you miss me terribly?"
Xtra: "Maybe a little. By the way, am I rescued yet?"
Gex: "Well I’m still working on that."
Xtra: "Well, call me back when I’m about to be saved."
Gex: "Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure."


Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Dial A for Arson02:39

Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Dial A for Arson

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