The Sea Span channel is an N64 exclusive level taking place mainly underwater and in the titanic. This channel is exclusive to Gex 64: Enter the Gecko.

The level is quite large. The above water part is strictly exploring the sunken Titanic while the rest of the level is underwater and requires Turtle Taxis to effectively move around.



Gecques Cousteau

  • Swim Through Three Arches
    • All three arches are in the initial chamber.
  • Find The End Of The Cave
    • Look for a turtle taxi, found near one of the
    • For the silver remote, enter the cave, and take the left, right then left branches. This leads to an open area, where you can swim to the top.
  • Reach The Top Of The Titanic
    • Simply head to the top of the initial chamber, and enter the place for the titanic tours. This is likely a one-way trip, you won't be able to easily return to the rest of the level if you are approaching the red remote.


  1. Starfish
  2. Treasure Chests
  3. Necklaces


  • The outside channel entrance incorrectly says "Titanic" when this should be "Sea Span".
  • This channel and it's level are exclusive to Gex 64: Enter the Gecko.
  • Gecques Cousteau shares the same background music as the Scream TV levels.

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