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Rocket Channel is the sci-fi themed world of Gex: Enter the Gecko. It is an outer space level that spoofs Star Wars and Star Trek. In this level Gex only has a limited amount of air to breathe and must continually refill his air meter.




The Umpire Strikes Out

  • Ride the Rocket
    • Accessed by the platforms to the right of the starting location, which circle around an energy beam.
  • Enter the Battle Dome
    • Accessed by the platforms to the left of the starting location, which are rotating segments of what would have been a bridge.

Pain in the Asteroids

  • Find the Arched Asteroid
  • Ride the Warp Tube
  • Destroy Five Crystal Power Cells


  1. Rockets
  2. Phaser Guns
  3. Robots


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  • Main
Rocket Channel 1
  • War
Rocket Channel 2
  • Battle
Rocket Channel 3


  • In the N64 version, when you run out of air, you can activate the menu to escape the level and avoid losing a life.