Rock Hard
Rez's Serveant - The Rockhard
"You smell what Rock Hard's cookin'?"
Vital statistics
Title Boss/Wrestler
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Rez
Health 5
Level WWGex Wrestling
Status Deceased
Location Lake Flaccid
Rock Hard is the first boss of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko and is required to be defeated in order to access Slappy Valley. The fight itself parodies televised American wrestling competitions, especially WWE. During the fight, Gex dresses up as a wrestler.


Not much is known about why Rock Hard was sent to attack Gex, but it can be assumed that, like the Tiki Bros., Rez simply gave him the Green Paw Card believing Rock Hard could protect it from Gex and Rez would be rid of a possible annoyance if the wrestler failed him.

Design and inspiration

As his name would suggest, he parodies the many wrestlers of the WWE, particularly Dwayne Johnson (who was known during his wrestling career as "The Rock") and Steve "Stone Cold" Austin (having a similar name).


Rez's World - Boss Channel - WWGex Wrestling - Invasion Of The Body Slammers

WWGex Wrestling Logo

Rock Hard as stated above is the game's first boss, with his boss channel "WWGex Wrestling" becoming accessible once 13 remotes are obtained. Upon his defeat, Slappy Valley will be unlocked.


Invasion of the Body Slammers/On The Ropes
Rock Hard Arena

Rock Hard Arena

Just tailwhack his feet and he'll be defeated but just watch out for his attacks. Depending on how far away Gex is, Rock Hard will either use a spinning attack, use a dropkick or grapple him. Try to attack Rock Hard when he flexes his muscles, he'll expose himself to attack by doing so (the pre-battle hint says "Muscle flexing can be hazardous to one's health").