Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur
Faction Good
Health Same as Gex
Level Secret levels
Status Alive
Location Found in a block of ice in Holiday Broadcasting

Rex is Gex's prehistoric ancestor. He is seen and is playable character in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.


Rex is a small red dinosaur from prehistoric times. Rez froze him in a block of ice inside a cave in the "Holiday Broadcasting" level. If you go into the cave and thaw Rex out, you unlock him as a playable character in the secret missions.


He is a playable character in all 4 secret levels. He is also playable in Mission Controll (by entering a secret code in the Gex Vault).


  • He is only seen in Deep Cover Gecko.
  • He never speaks in any of the levels he is playable in. Though he is heard laughing heartily.