In the First Gex Game, Gex would get power ups by eating power up balls. They can also be tail whacked to restore one health point regardless of type. Gex can possess multiple firefly power ups at the same time and they count as additional health points. These were replaced by Power-up TVs in the Gex sequels.

  1. Ladybug: Restores full health
  2. Amber Ball: Restores one health point
  3. Butterfly: One extra life
  4. Centipede: Super Speed for a limited time
  5. Flea: Restores full health and adds an extra hit point
  6. Red Firefly: Fire power up
  7. Blue Firefly: Ice power up
  8. Caterpillar: Invincibility
  9. Yellow Firefly: Electricity power up
  10. Grasshopper: Ability to jump very high

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