Gex the Gecko by uka uka

Well, do you?

There has to be another way

I've been a Gex fan ever since I've started playing. I love it I know many love it but we need to get our word out to get more Gex fans on the wiki, there is not many of us here. Mabey we can advertise on gex Youtube videos. Many of us want to make friends that like thid game, I hate telling my friends "Yah, ya' know Gex?" and all I get for responce is "who? Must be stupid if I've never heard of it, try a real game like CoD." If anyone has an idea make a bullet below. Thank you. ALSO, put your name after the bullet example bellow.

Lets get ready to pull some people in the media dimention,  YEAH!

Pieguy7315 (talk) 18:19, June 9, 2013 (UTC)Pieguy7315


  • Example: Mabey we should advertise on Gexup website (Pieguy7315)
  • Tell your friends (Pieguy7315)

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