Rez's World Channel - New Toonland

Map of New Toonland

GEX (3DO) - NewToonland Stage Levels (Secret Level!)07:04

GEX (3DO) - NewToonland Stage Levels (Secret Level!)

All New Toonland levels, including secret levels.

New Toonland (aka Cartoon World) is the second world of Gex and is heavily based on American Saturday morning cartoons.


Gex arrives in the myriad environments of New Toonland, having to scale two tall towers, journey through a cartoonish city and a wacky planet to reach the Flatulator and Gex must defeat him to get the remote for Feeding Frenzy. There are three levels (plus one optional level) to be completed.
Eye-popping attack

Some of the cartoonish elements present in New Toonland.




  • Spike
  • Moving Spike
  • Moving Platform
  • Falling piano
  • Falling safe/anvil
  • Surprise boxing glove
  • Bouncer star
  • Disappearing moon
  • TNT (Dynomight)
  • Rocket (Red and Blue)
  • Disappearing carrot
  • Swinging mace


Gex OST - 08 - New Toonland Stage Music HD03:20

Gex OST - 08 - New Toonland Stage Music HD

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