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Mystery TV

Mystery TV is the 2nd level/channel of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. It is based almost entirely on detective films from the golden era of Hollywood, mostly drawing inspiration from the British contributions to the whodunit sub-genre. In other words, it references both the old classics like Sherlock Holmes and more modern mystery dramas, such as CSI and Law and Order. However, in keeping with the previous games' Cemetery and Scream TV levels, it has traits of the horror genre as well, such as the haunted stuffed bears. It requires 3 remotes (total) to unlock. The level takes place in a large British Mansion. Gex dresses up in a Sherlock Holmes outfit here, but a special machine can be found here that turns him into a vampire, giving him the ability to glide with the cloak. The blood coolers from Scream TV make a reappearance here as well.




Clueless in Seattle
  • Survive the Hedge Maze
  • Break the Three Blood Coolers, Again!
  • Find and Beat the Three Mini-Games

Post-level cutscene (PS1)

Xtra: "Well Sherlock, you found a good use for that magnifying glass."
Gex: "Thank you, my dear Xtra. Now what say/what do you say you and I solve the Case of the Love-Sick Lizard?"
Xtra: "Not a chance, cutie. But hang on to that lens just in case you run into any lady geckos."


Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Clueless in Seattle01:30

Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Clueless in Seattle

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