Morphina (human form)
Morphina's human form
Vital statistics
Title Boss
Gender Female
Race Human (possessed)/Skeleton
Faction Rez
Health 6
Level Boss: Spin-n-Puke
Status Deceased
Location Cemetery

"Not bad-lookin' for a dead chick." ― Gex

Morphina (also known as Graveyard Witch) is the first boss of Gex.


Morphina was an associate of Rez and she was given the order to guard the Cemetery (and thus had a New Toonland remote on her). She takes the appearance of a pretty young orange-haired, white-clad girl, but when hit enough times, she reveals her true self; an old, skeletal crone!

Rez's Serveant - Morphina

Morphina's skeleton form.

Design and inspiration

She appears to be a parody of the possessed Regan of The Exorcist.


Morphina is the game's first boss, with her boss level "Spin-n-Puke" becoming accessible once Gex finds the remote for it in "Disco Inferno" and completes that level.


When the fight starts, Morphina rises from a mound of skulls she hides in. She'll then use her powers to raise some of the skulls, which she surrounds herself with (preventing Gex from attacking her) then launches at Gex. This repeats until Morphina has taken 3 hits, after which point she changes form and attacks; she'll use projectile vomit. She'll first spew vomit to either side of her three times (left then right, from the player's viewpoint), then two upwards and repeats. 3 more hits after that will do away with her, and Gex will earn the New Toonland remote for Twin Towers.


  • So far, Morphina is the only female boss in any Gex game to date.
  • Likewise, both Morphina and Xtra are the only known female characters in the Gex series (The cameo of Nikki from Pandemonium! in the ending of ETG doesn't count as she isn't native to his series).
  • Morphina is the only boss in the first game to have three sets of quotes from Gex for each phase
  • Morphina has a cameo on Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko in the Mystery TV level.
    Gex OST - 06 - Cemetery Boss Music HD

    Gex OST - 06 - Cemetery Boss Music HD

    Morphina - Mystery TV

    Morphina in Mystery TV