Lost Gex Tapes
The Lost Gex Tapes are secret items that can be found in the secret levels of Gex: Enter the Gecko and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. They are quite cleverly hidden and once found, a secret FMV will play once the secret level is completed. It is a movie clap board.

Enter the Gecko

  1. Lava Dabba Doo: Go through the stage until you get to the raft section. When you get to the gaint lava fall, turn around and you see a climable wall next to the fall. Climb it and follow it to the darkened section behind the lava fall. There it is.
  2. Texas Chainsaw Manicure: Get through the first room you spawn in and go through the first door. Jump off the stairs right in front of you to the right and its there.
  3. Mazed and Confused: Go through the maze until you find an elevator that brings you to the top of the maze. Jump over the gap to the right of the elevator and the tape is there on top of a temple like sturcture.

Deep Cover Gecko

  1. Dial "A" for Arson: From where you start, follow the right street to the upper level until you see the club jiggles poster. The wall on the left of the poster is a fake wall. Go through it and there it is.
  2. Braveheartless: At the top of the stage by the pool of water. There is a gold gex statue, bring a firefly and shoot it down. The path to the tape is invisible but it's there. Jump from the ledge and jump again before the ledge with the tape.
  3. The Abyssmal: Put the battery in the battleship, and head up top to the wheel and lever and strike them in that order. The ship will fire on the grate opening the path to the lost gex tape.