"Easy on the egg rolls, my man!" ― Gex



Locozunas are enemies encountered exclusively in the Sumo City level of Kung Fuville in Gex. Slow moving and large, the character more closely resembles a moving obstacle rather than an actual enemy. Locozunas can't be killed and are only knocked down when attacked. While laying on their backs, Gex can use their stomach as a trampoline to reach higher platforms.

Appearance and inspiration


The Locozunas display the stereotypical obese physique commonly associated with sumo wrestlers, but posses a slightly tanned skin color, not commonly found among Japanese people. The character also retains other traditional aspects from its inspiration including a chonmage-style haircut and a green-colored mawashi-wrestling belt, a piece of clothing used by low ranking rikishis in reality, which serves as its only garment. They also walk in a permanent Shiko Dachi stancein which the user sepparates its legs in simmilar fashion to horse riding and which is often only used as a salute and display of respect when beginning a sumo bout.