This is a list of quotes and one-liners Gex says in Gex. All are relevant to certain situations.

Begin Game

  • "Let's get it on!"
  • "Lock and load, little lizard!"
  • "Time to teach someone some manners!"
  • "Party time!"

Tail Attacking

  • "Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"
  • "It's tail time!"
  • "Oh yeah. It's tail time."
  • "Now that's what I call "getting some tail"!"
  • "This one's for Johnny!"
  • "KYAH!"
  • "Heeeeey-KARATE!"
  • "Who opened the can of whoop-ass?"
  • "I'm invincible!"

Flinging Tongue

  • "Have we met before, Mr. Tongue?"
  • "Don't make me take my tongue out!"
  • "Takes a lickin' and-- eh, we've heard it."

Picking up Golden Flies

  • "This would be great for my collection."
  • "I'll take this, and this, and this..."
  • "I don't eat anything but this!"
  • "For me? (growl) You shouldn't have!"
  • "One for me and one for me."
  • "Need it, need it, need it, need it."
  • "Sweet... like candy."
  • "Soylent Green is good!"
  • "Someone ring the dinner bell!"
  • "Feed me!"
  • "I'm hungry, dammit!"
  • "If this were a plane crash, I could eat all the passengers."
  • "I'm so hungry, I could cry!"
  • "Shazam!"
  • "Hungry... must find... food..."


  • "I feel like Ben Franklin's wallet." (Yellow Firefly)
  • "She's cold as ice!"♪ (Blue Firefly)
  • "Freeze, dirtbag!" (Blue Firefly)
  • "Nobody touch me!" (Yellow Firefly)
  • "Smell my power..."
  • "Chilly."
  • "Eh. Shocking."
  • "Pulse - racing - heart - pounding - where'sthejohn?" (Centipede)
  • "I am Iron Man!" (Centipede)
  • "Think I'll clean the house..." (Centipede)
  • "Let's stay up all night and talk about Death."
  • "Yes!" (Caterpillar)
  • "Underneath that block of ice lies a very cold caveman." (Blue Firefly)
  • "That's cold! That is ice cold!"
  • "Colder than my ex-wife."
  • "Scotty. Shields up." (Caterpillar)
  • "I'm a rock, baby. Lean on me."
  • "Stronger than a drunk's denial!"
  • "Dude, I'm tripping!"
  • "Dude, I'm so high!"

Taking Damage

  • "Higher... higher-- lower..."
  • "Oh, that has to hurt!"
  • "CHUU!!!!"
  • "Body Blow! Body Blow!"
  • "Adrienne!"
  • "Sorry, I only cry at weddings."
  • "You never knock me down!"
  • "Probably think that hurts... OW!"
  • "Got my eyes! I can't see!"

Hitting a Checkpoint Camera

  • "Cheese!"
  • "That's my look!"
  • "Holiday snaps! Very good!" (Austrian Accent)
  • ♪"The times of your life!"♪
  • "That's it, baby! Gimme love!"

Starting from Checkpoint Camera

  • "All that work and I'm back where I'm started - it's just like college!"
  • "Well, this looks familiar..."
  • "Fixer-upper, my tail!"
  • "Times were simpler on Walton's Mountain..."
  • "Will somebody please call the maid?"


  • "What smells like socks?!"
  • "OK, where's the can?"
  • "We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster."
  • "My name is Forest Gex."


  • "Hey, what the--?!" (About to fall)
  • "I'm workin' without a net here!" (About to fall)
  • "WHOO! Cold, cold..." (About to fall)
  • "GERONIMO!!!"
  • "Comin' through!'"

Entering a Portal

  • "Go into the light..."
  • "Exit stage right!"
  • "Into the garbage chute, flyboy!"
  • "I know when I'm not wanted."
  • "I'll just go in here."
  • "Open seasame!"
  • "Hope they don't need ID..."

TV Bombs

  • "Support your local library!"
  • "Hey, look! SNL!"
  • "He's dead, Jim!"
  • "We've lost visual, Captain."
  • "That's for 12 years of Full House!"
  • "Kill your TV, man!" (also heard at the results screen in some stages)
  • "Read a book!"
  • "Hey, reruns of Rhoda!"
  • "Off the TV, nothin' but net."

Stage Clear

  • "GEX. There is no substitute."
  • "Obi-Wan has taught you well."
  • "That's one small step for GEX..."
  • "If I had a life, I'd be glad to get back to it!"
  • "Say goodbye, you little kakaroach!"



  • "Gee, Scoob! Let's get back to the Mystery Van!"
  • "Like the slime, boys. Nice touch!"


  • "This place is weirder than 4th of July at Rick James' place." (start of level)
  • "This reminds me of my last few dates..." (start of level)
  • "Ooh, trick or treat..." (start of level)
  • "Oh-kay, time to call the maids!" (start of level)
  • "Ah, Detroit, Pearl of the Orient!" (start of level)
  • "What this place needs is color." (start of level)
  • "Soon, Ted Turner will have this colorized!" (start of level)
  • "Welcome to the New York City mass transit system!" (start of level)
  • "I'm not in Kansas anymore..." (start of level)
  • "Oooh YAH!"
  • "AROOOOH!"
  • "Ah, not yet, thanks."
  • "You've moved the headstones, but you didn't move the bodies!"
  • "Sorry, Mr. Presley!"


  • "Nice haircut. When did we enlist?" (Encountering Franken-Geckos)
  • "Do your arms ever get tired?" (Encountering Franken-geckos)
  • "Big fan of Kid N' Play?"
  • "Hey, Don King!"
  • "Ah, that Scientologist lust for life..."
  • "With a little coverup, I can work magic on those scars!"
  • "You cut up his brain, you bloody baboon!"
  • "Are we mad because we're bald?"
  • "Loved ya in The Terminator!"
  • "Aren't we the pretty one?"
  • "Alright, boys, Phasers on Stun!"
  • "Hello, Zippy!"
  • "Hey, Sunshine!"

Boss (Morphina)

Start of fight:

  • "Well, hello!"
  • "What now, Zsa Zsa?"
  • "My mother does WHAT?! WHERE?!"
  • "Gimme some sugar, baby!"
  • "Little more blush on the cheeks..."
  • "Hey, look, my last ten girlfriends."

During transformation:

  • "I'll pass on the pea soup..."
  • "Not bad-lookin' for a dead chick."
  • "When I die, can I call you?"
  • "Someone needs a makeover!"
  • "I never hit ladies - and you're no lady!"
  • ♪"Nighty-night, and goodnight!"♪
  • "Gimme some skull, baby!"

After transformation:

  • ♪"She's really most sincerely dead!"♪
  • "Later on, Devil Bride!"
  • "Looks like my wife in the morning..."
  • "Well, that's one way to lose weight..."

New Toonland


  • "Oh no, I'm too young to have a second childhood."
  • "My inner child is coming out - AND IT HURTS!"
  • "WILMA!!!"


  • "Looks like Beetlejuice threw up." (Start of level)
  • "Looks like Bugs after the trots." (Start of level)
  • "The Government told me these experiments were over!"
  • ♪"Rocketmaaaan!"♪ (When riding a rocket)
  • "I wanna be... a rocketman!"
  • "Luke! At that speed, will you be able to pull out in time?"
  • "Hope I don't make a wrong turn and end up in an old game of Asteroids."
  • (robotic voice) "That's one small step for Gex."
  • "This wasn't in the manual..."
  • ♪"Mystery Date..."♪
  • "Hello? ... Damn neighbor kids!"
  • "Phone call for Mr. Hoffa!"
  • (Monotone) "Hi. I'm from Jehova's Witnesses."
  • "Behind one of these doors is a brand new car!"
  • "Move it! I've got Amway to sell!"
  • "Uh, you've dropped something..."
  • "Hey! Watch it! I'll sue!"
  • "How'd you get a building permit?"
  • "What is it with cartoons and anvils?"
  • "Mommy, where do anvils come from?"
  • "I wish these stars looked more realistic."
  • ♪"This is Major Gex to Ground Control!"♪
  • ♪"Would you like to swing on a star?"♪


  • "Are we from Krypton, or do you just like wearing tights?" (Encountering Supergeckos)
  • "Are you from Krypton, or are you just happy to see me?" (Encountering Supergeckos)
  • "Aren't we the slaves to fashion?!"
  • "Luke! You're coming in too fast! PULL UP!"
  • "Thank God I wear my Kryptonite pants."
  • "These hands are calloused... from working!"
  • "You worse than Cabbage Patch Dolls!" (Encountering frums)
  • "I hate you guys!"
  • "These cartoons are so violent!"
  • ♪"Some people got no reason..."♪

Boss (The Flatulator)

  • "Are we drinking because we're thirsty?"
  • "How can I talk to you when you're like this?!"
  • "You are a disgrace to your leotards!"
  • "So THAT'S what happened to Richard Dawson."
  • "'Scuse me, Mr. Wells!"
  • "Fat alcoholic superheroes on the next Geraldo!"
  • "Uncle Herman, you promised you went off the sauce!"

Jungle Isle


  • ♪"George, George, George of the Jungle!"♪
  • ♪"Jungle love, it's drivin' me mad!"♪
  • ♪"Welcome to the Jungle!"♪ (Guns & Roses)
  • ♪"Hey, let's Bungle in the Jungle!"♪
  • ♪"Jungle Boogie! Ooh wiki get down!"♪


  • "I told them they were overwatering!" (Start of level)
  • "Okay, who's job was it to mow the lawn?" (Start of level)
  • "Me Gex. You Jane!" (Start of level)
  • "All this thanks to Miracle-Gro." (Start of level)
  • "Soon, there'll be a smoke-belching factory here..." (Start of level)
  • "This place is hotter than Tom Arnold's sauna pants." (Start of level)
  • "Memo to Gilligan: try building a raft."
  • "A raft! These programmers think of everything!"
  • ♪"Raft on the water!"♪
  • ♪"Surfin' USA!"♪
  • ♪"Pa-pa-pa-PAAAA-PAAAH!"♪
  • "No Axe today, boys, just the regular wash!"
  • "Honey, where's my zest?"
  • "Why, I told you I could make it rain!"
  • "It feels so good on my bald lizard head."
  • ♪"A sprinkle a day helps keep odors away!"♪
  • "Hey, look, it's Tarzan's bidét!"
  • "Mental note: get a tetanus!"
  • "Aaah, Ricky, I fell on the spikes!"
  • "Dammit, Jim, I'm a gecko, not a pincushion!"


  • "Throw me the Idol, and I'll throw you the whip!"
  • "Whip it good!"
  • "Ha hah... Doctor Jones."
  • "Hand over the gun, Marlowe!"
  • "Captain! Water heaters!"
  • "Watch it, Sparky!"
  • "Wow, I always thought Harrison Ford was taller."
  • "Loved you in Witness."
  • "Aye. Where's Ringo?"
  • "This one's for Keith Moon!"
  • "Beat it!"

Boss (Sun Snake)

  • "Loved you in The Empire Strikes Back."
  • "Can't we all just get along?"
  • "You're just mad 'cause you're lonely."
  • "Mental note: throw up later..."
  • "I'm gonna be sick..."
  • "Captain, she says she is defending her eggs."
  • "What kind of creature is that, Spock?"
  • "They said testing A-bombs here would have no effect!"
  • "Sayonara, sucka!"
  • "That's as much fun as being Mike Tyson's cell-mate on Valentine's Day!"
  • "What a worm..."
  • "(Tarzan yell)"

Kung Fuville


  • "Now listen to me, grasshopper..."
  • "Come on, Jake. It's Chinatown."


  • "Why didn't I finish those Judo lessons?" (start of level)
  • ♪"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!"♪ (start of level)
  • "My name is Kane. I seek water." (start of level)
  • "I'll have sashimi and the lady will have the broccoli chicken." (start of level)
  • "Follow the crazy, multicolor digital map, grasshopper..." (start of level)
  • "Why, yes, I'm here to pick up my laundry." (start of level)
  • "Snap, Crackle and..."
  • ♪"I love a parade..."♪
  • "I hope this is the Year of the Gecko..."
  • ♪"Hey, Baby, It's the 4th of July!"♪
  • "I'm having 'Nam flashbacks and I wasn't even there."
  • "Photon torpedoes away, captain!"


  • "Two words: Slim Fast."
  • "Loved you on Roseanne."
  • "Suuure, it's a gland problem."
  • "Uh, time to lay off the butter, hoss." (Encountering Sumo Wrestlers)
  • "Easy up on the egg rolls, my man!" (Encountering Sumo Wrestlers)
  • "Hey, you want some butter on those rolls?"
  • "Gangway, tubby!"
  • "I'd like to have a long chat with your guidance councilors..."
  • "Get a real job." (Encountering samurai gecko)
  • "Nice robe, Mr. Hefner!" (Encountering samurai gecko)
  • "Is it true those geisha girls will do anything?"
  • "It slices and dices, makes Julian fries!"
  • "It keeps going and going and going..."
  • "Sorry, boys, we've cut the electric ninja sketch."
  • "OK, press the pants, no starch on the shirts."
  • "This isn't my bra!"
  • ♪"Spiderman, Spiderman..."♪
  • "I said NO STARCH!"
  • "So this is where all the missing socks go."

Boss (Toxic Turtle)

  • "Well, nice to see Gamera get another gig."
  • "I think you dropped something..."
  • "Oh-kay, where's Alan Front?"
  • "Gotten a little cocky since we beat the hare?"
  • "Without that shell, you're just a naked lizard!'"
  • "Big rocket turtle go bye bye."



  • ♪"Good times!"♪
  • "Yeah, this place has all the warmth of a Dick Clark special."
  • "Bob Hope has more color in his cheeks."
  • "Hello, cutie!" (commenting on TV screen)
  • "You again?" (commenting on TV screen)
  • "Looks like someone had too much chilli at Wendy's." (commenting on TV screen)
  • "Nice teeth. And do we floss?" (commenting on TV screen)
  • "What are you, a student loan officer?" (commenting on TV screen)
  • "Ugly is as ugly does!" (commenting on TV screen)
  • "Who's an ugly boy? Yes, you are!" (commenting on TV screen)


  • "So, THIS is New Jersey." (Start of level)
  • "Spock, can you read me?" (Start of level)
  • "This looks like an all-nighter at Richard Simmons' house." (Start of level)
  • "Great, I've found a health club in the belly of Hell."
  • "I'm working hard, but not getting anywhere!"
  • "This is the worst health club I have ever been to."
  • "Hey, where's Jane Fonda?"
  • "What?! Illegal cable--?!?! That tears it!"
  • "Screens up!"
  • "Holy static cling, Batman!"
  • "Alright, who's lighting the you-know-whats?!"
  • "Somebody ground that thing!"


  • "Take that, hired stooge!"
  • "Why, I'll murderize ya!"
  • "Eat my tail, nancy boy!"
  • "Hey, it's Sir Misses-A-Lot!"
  • "Noooo shishkabob tonight, thanks so much."
  • (sarcastic laugh) "I get the point..."
  • ♪"Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!"♪
  • (high pitched) "Helium makes my voice do this."
  • "Pretty baloons..."

Boss (Rez)

  • "Heavens to the Big Kahuna!"
  • "This guy's a nut! Have you been on Geraldo yet?"
  • "What do you mean Darth Vader's my father?!"
  • "I suppose you'll know it's Be Kind To Geckos Month."
  • "You call it a cloak, I call it a dress."
  • "All this because of... Rosebud?"
  • "If I had a life, I'd be glad to get back to it!"
  • "When is Grace Jones gonna retire?"
  • "Hey, it's Darth Vader's younger brother, Myron!"
  • "Reminds me of Ed tapping his birthday keg."
  • "Hasta La Vista, baby!" (End of game)

Planet X

  • "Secrets?! I just LOVE secrets!"

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