This is a list of levels and missions in the PS1 console versions of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko.

World 1: GexCave; Mission Control

Level One: Holiday Broadcasting; Totally Scrooged
 Locations: Santa's Village, cave, snowy mountain, snowboarding hill
 Person to rescue: Rex
 Costumes: Snowboarder Gex
 Vehicles: Snowboard
  * Create Five Ice Sculptures
  * Whack the Snowboarding Elves
  * Defeat Evil Santa
Level Two: Mystery TV; Clueless in Seattle
 Locations: Mansion, Hedge maze
 Costumes: Sherlock Gex, Count DracuGex
  * Survive the Hedge Maze
  * Break the Three Blood Coolers, again!
  * Find and Beat the Three Mini-Games
Secret Level One: Secret TV; Dial "A" for Arson
Locations: City
 Costumes: Firefighter Gex (playing as Gex only)
  * Collect 50 Coinflys as Gex, Rex or Cuz

World 2: GexCave; Lake Flaccid

Level Three: Tut TV; Holy Moses!
 Locations: Pyramid
 Costumes: Pharaoh Gex
 Vehicles: Humps the Camel 
 Weapons: Fire Spit
  * Recover the three staffs of Ra
  * Release the Spirits from Three Lost Arks
  * Ride the Camel to the Ancient Temple
Level Four: Army Channel; War is Heck
 Locations: Army base, enemy town
 Costumes: Private Gex
 Vehicles: Tank
 Weapons: Cannon in tank, Machine gun
  * Shoot the Search Lights, Whack 5 Tents
  * Destroy the City, Find 5 Secret Bug Crates
  * Survive the Maze, Steal Secret Plans 
Level Five: Western Station; The Organ Trail
 Locations: Chicken and Donkey Farm, Wild West, Cemetery, World's Largest Mound of Poop
 Costumes: Cowboy Gex
 Vehicles: Al Nino the Donkey
  * Visit The World's Largest Mound of Poop
  * Collect 5 Of A Kind
  * Climb the Mountain
Level Six: Buccaneer Program; Cut-Cheese Island
 Locations: Pirate ship, Wall of Death
 Costumes: Long-John Gex  
 Weapons: Cannon
  * Survive The Wall of Death
  * Sink 4 Pirate Ships
  * Zip on Down to the TV
Secret Level Two: Secret TV; Braveheartless
 Locations: Ancient Temple
 Costumes: Akuji (Gex only)
 Weapons: Fire Spit
  * Collect 50 Coinflys as Gex, Rex or Cuz
Boss One: WWGex Wrestling; Invasion of the Body Slammers
 Locations: Wrestling Ring
 Costumes: Wrestler Gex
  * Muscle Flexing can be Hazardous to One's Health (Defeat the Wrestling Champion)

World 3: GexCave; Slappy Valley

Level Seven: Mythology Network; Unsolved Mythstories
 Locations: Ancient Greece
 Costumes: Hermes Gex, HercuGex
 Weapons: Ice Spit, HercuGex Powers
  * Break the Arms off Five Statues
  * Collect Three Golden Apples
  * Find the TV at the End of the Rainbow
Level Eight: FairyTales TV; Red Riding in the Hood
 Locations: Forest, beanstalk
 Costumes: Little Red Riding Gex
  * Climb the Beanstalk
  * Destroy the Three Little Pigs' Houses
  * Jump over the Three Candlesticks
Level Nine: Anime Channel; When Sushi Goes Bad
 Locations: Anime Laboratory
 Costumes: RoboGex
  * Demolish the Three Prodoculture Tubes
  * Deactivate the Planet Destroyer
  * Find and Destroy the Five Rogue Mechs
Secret Level Three: Secret TV; The Abyssmal
 Locations: Underwater Shipwreck
 Costumes: Swimming Gex (Gex only)
  * Collect 50 Coinflys as Gex, Rex or Cuz
Boss Two: Lizard of Oz; Lions, Tigers and Gex
 Locations: Oz's castle
 Costumes: Tin Man Gex
 Weapons: Rocket Launcher
  * Watch out for pesky Rezlings (Defeat The Brain of Oz)

World 4: GexCave; Funkytown

Level Ten: Gangster TV; My Three Goons
 Locations: Mobster town, prison
 Costumes: Gangster Gex
 Weapons: Fire Spit, Tommyguns
  * Burn Five Bundles of Funny Money
  * Destroy Five Rootbeer Barrels
  * Save Cuz from the Mob
Level Eleven: SuperHero Show; SuperZeroes
 Locations: Superhero city
 Costumes: Gex's Superhero Costumes
 Weapons: Superhero powers
  * Defeat the Mad Bomber
  * Get the Three Stray Cats
  * Find the Five Escaped Convicts
Secret Level Four: Secret TV; Cheesy Rider
 Locations: Beach
 Costumes: Life Guard Gex
  * Collect 50 Coinflys as Gex, Rex or Cuz
End-Boss: Spacestation Rez; Rez-Raker
 Locations: Rez's Spacestation
 Costumes: Astronaut Gex
 Weapons: Spit Power
  * Stay on Target... (Defeat Rez)

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