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Kung-Fu Theater is a world in Gex: Enter the Gecko, themed on martial arts, similar to the first game's Kung Fuville. It's a spoof of the modern/past martial art movies, paticularly Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee films. The enemies include ninjas and samurais. This world is very similar to Kung Fuville in Gex.

Hint: Tail whip gongs to activate things in the level




Lizard In A China Shop

  • Bonus Level: Find The Given Items In Time.

Mao Tse Tongue

  • Defeat The Deadly Dragon.
  • Cross The Rocking Pillars.

Samurai Night Fever

  • Navigate The Great Spinner.
    • Accessed by crossing the bridge across from the Dojo. Leads past a lava pit, an extra life, and silver remote.
  • Ride The Swinging Platforms.
    • Accessed by going behind the starting building, crawling around the back, and hitting the gong.
  • Climb The Towering Temple.
    • Requires hitting a gong near the "Ride the Swinging Platforms"


  1. Chinese food take-out box
  2. Yin and Yang symbol
  3. Kabuki Mask
    Kung-Fu Theatre Collectibles

    The Kung-Fu Theater's collectibles were inspired by Asian cultural elements and clichés.


Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Kung-Fu Theatre

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Kung-Fu Theatre

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Kung-Fu Theatre Pt

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Kung-Fu Theatre Pt. 2