Knock! Knock! is a very long and hard, altough very fun level. It is optional, you have no further objectives than finishing the level. It has a day-night cycle, but not the ordinary way. You have to use doors to switch between day and night. There are several gags in this level, when you open a door. You can see a coming train, a showering girl or just a simple brick wall. It doesn't have too much enemies, but a lot of obtacles, thats why it's hard.


Knock! Knock! in the Daytime.

You can get here with a remote that can be found in the Rock It! level.


Knock! Knock! at nighttime.


Only one: Use the doors to escape!


  • Big Eye Guy
  • Spike
  • Moving Spike
  • Moving Platform
  • Falling piano
  • Falling safe/anvil
  • Surprise boxing glove
  • Bouncer star
  • Disappearing moon


  • Butterfly
  • Flea
  • Caterpillar
  • Amber balls
  • Ladybug


  • This is the only level where teleporters don't work immediately, but also you have to open the door covering the teleporter first.
  • This is the only level that has a day-night "cycle". However it's not real cycling.
  • This level is optional, just like the Planet X levels. You don't have to complete them to finish the game.

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