Rez's World Channel - Jungle Isle

Map of Jungle Isle

Jungle Isle (aka Jungle World) is the third world of Gex and is based on adventure films, specifically those set within jungles.


Gex arrives on Jungle Isle and must cross a piranha-infested river in a jungle and avoid the traps of a perilous temple/pyramid to reach the cliffs where the next boss Sun Snake resides and Gex must avoid this creature to get the remote for Sumo City. There are two central missions to be completed.




Feeding Frenzy

Objectives: Find the Remotes for Congo Chaos and Kung Fuville.

Congo Chaos

Objectives: Find the Remote for Jungle Gym.

Jungle Gym (boss level)

Objectives: Climb to the Top. Avoid Sun Snake. Gain the Remote to Sumo City.

Gex OST - 12 - Jungle Isle Stage Music HD03:37

Gex OST - 12 - Jungle Isle Stage Music HD

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