Grave6 is the only accessible level trough level selector only in 3DO. The background is pitch black, and a lot things is unfinished in this level.


There is no actual objective in this level, you can go trough and finish it.


  • HeliTelly
  • Shoot TV
  • Spinning Skulls (completely cut)
  • Ben Torched (unfinished version)
  • Spikes
  • Moving platforms
  • Moving platforms with spikes (completely cut)
  • Acid lake
  • Acid river (completely cut)


  • Caterpillar


  • The intro screen is showing that this level called 'Disco Inferno', also showing the two remotes, but this is probably a bug, since the Grave6 level hasn't got any remotes.
  • This meant to be the first level where Shoot TVs appear.
  • The power-up placement wasn't finished.
  • There is some cut content in this level.

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