The Gex Vault was a secret vault located in Mission Control in Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. It could only be opened by beating all 4 secret levels. Once the vault was open, Gex could use the cheat codes earned from the bonus levels to unlock various secrets.

Vault codes

Earned from bonus levels

  • Triangle, Circle, Star, Square, Square, X - Extra life
  • Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square - Ten extra lives
  • Square, Star, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Diamond - Invincibility
  • Square, X, Triangle, Square, Star, Star - Play as Alfred
  • Square, Diamond, Square, Square, Triangle, Diamond - Play as Cuz
  • Diamond, Star, Square, X, Triangle, Circle - Secret Western video
  • Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Star, Secret Gangster video
  • Square, Star, Star, Square, Triangle, Triangle - Play as Rex
  • Square, Diamond, Triangle, Triangle, Star, Diamond - Maximum Health
  • Star, X, X, Circle, Square, Triangle - Movie Viewer (press Select to use)
  • X, Diamond, Star, Triangle, Triangle, Circle - Secret Army video


  • Square, Square, Diamond, Circle, X, X - Debug Mode
  • Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, X - Level select

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