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Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko for Game Boy Color) is the last of the Gex series of video games. It was released in 1999. In the UK and European versions, Danny John-Jules played his voice, while in America Dana Gould returned from the previous games to do Gex's voice. This is the first game in the Gex trilogy to not have passwords for a method of saving. Instead, you have to use a Controller Pak for the Nintendo 64 or a Memory Card for the PlayStation. The Nintendo 64 version was trimmed down with no cut-scenes, just like the last one because of the Nintendo 64 cartridge's limited space. It is also the only game not to be released for the PC.


While watching the news on his TV one day, Gex discovers that Agent Xtra (who he met in Gex: Enter the Gecko's backstory), head of the TV Terrorist Defense Unit has been reported as missing. She then contacts him via his TV telling him that Rez has returned once more and has kidnapped her to get to Gex. He teleports to the batcave-like lair he has in the Media Dimension, and begins another adventure. Along the way, Gex teams up with his new friends Rex and Cuz.

After defeating Rez for the third time, Gex returns with Xtra to his hotel room, where she tell him about her time in the Media Dimension. Just then, Alfred tries to warn Gex of a world emergency. Gex ignores him and turns the computer off. He and Xtra then make love.

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Channel Levels Description
Gex Cave Mission Control The main level where a training Wreck room is and the Mystery TV and Holiday Broadcasting.
Holiday Broadcasting Totally Scrooged This channel is based on the Rankin/Bass Cartoons/ Clay animations made into a level, and Bad Santa is the first Mini Boss!
Mystery TV Clueless in Seattle A Sherlock Holmes themed Level that is mixed with Gex becoming a vampire.
Gex Cave Lake Flaccid A parody of Lake Placid only it's a hub world that contains Tut TV, Army Channel, Western Station, and the Buccaneer Program are at.
Tut TV Holy Moses! Based on Ancient Egypt, and The Mummy Franchise.
Army Channel War is Heck Based at a Holocaust Camp, and where Gex must survive a militia gauntlet.
Western Station The Organ Trail Based on old western shows, and mixed with features of ScreamTv.
The Buccaneer Program Cutchesse Island A Pirate Show that revolves around a Ship, with Ghost Pirates.
Gex Cave Slappy Valley A Hub world based on the Happy Valley, with Mythology Network, Fairytales TV, and Anime Channel.
Mythology Network Unsolved Mythstories A Greek Mythology themed world based on Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules, and even Odysseus.
Fairytales TV Red Riding in the Hood Based on Nursery Rhymes such as Goldilocks, The Three Pigs, Little Red Riding hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk.
Anime Channel When Sushi goes Bad Based off Popular Anime series, such as Gundam, and even the popular School girl styles.
Gex Cave Funky Town The Final Hub world with Gangster TV, and Superhero show.
Gangster TV My Three Goons Similar to the Godfather, and all Mafia based genre, that made it the hardest level to get through.
Superhero Show Superzeroes A Superhero Level based on Super-Man, Spider-Man, and even Dick Tracey, and the Bomber is the Final Mini Boss before Rez.