Gex finds the first remote in the first level.

First level of the original Gex game. The level name refers to the FrankenGeckos and HeliTellys. They are the only enemies in this stage.


Find the Remote for Grave Danger and learn the basic GEX moves.


  • FrankenGecko
  • HeliTelly
  • Gulliotine
  • Spikes ( 1 health paw loss )
  • Acid lake ( kills immediately )
  • Moving Platforms

Question Marks/Tips:

There are several question marks in this stage helping the player to find out how to play the game.

  1. "Find level remote controls to turn on new level TV's!"
  2. "Tailwhip powerballs for 1 health point or eat them for special power-ups!"
  3. "Hold down the run button to get extra speed!"
  4. "Tail whip cameras to take a snap shot of your progress. If you die, you can start over from there!
  5. "Pull down while jumping to tail bounce on enemies or blocks. Hold the jump button an push up afterwards for super-spring!"
  6. "Jump and push up to sick to wall surfaces"
  7. "Stand in front of the exit TV and press up to exit the level."

Power-Ups in this stage:

  • Centipede
  • Ladybug
  • Amber balls
  • Butterfly


  • It's the first level in the final game, but the fourth level in the level selector screen. Maybe the 'Grave Danger' level was too hard to start with.
  • The way to the bonus location is right where the first camera located. You have to complete a hard obstacle-jumping course to reach the bonus level.

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