Floating Head

Floating Head

Floating Heads are enemies found in Kung-Fu Theater in Gex: Enter the Gecko. They usually remain stationary, levitating around a specific area instead of pursuing Gex. However, despite this Floating Heads can be dangerous due to a tendency of blocking important pathways or being located in the middle of a small platform. Once approached, they will breathe fire in Gex's direction, always facing him while doing so within a 360° area. The Scream TV levels feature ghostly counterparts, the Floating Skulls, which attack in the same pattern.

Appearance and inspiration

Eponymous to its name, the Floating Heads are depicted as a disembodied head that levitates a few feet over the floor. It has Asian facial features and displays a scowl or annoyed expression, accentuated by thick eyebrows. Floating Heads wear a golden headress with a large inscripted medallion prominently featured on top. It closely resembles the Ōkubi, a death spirit that manifests itself as a giant floating head, and that serves as a forebearer of calamity and disaster in Japanese Folklore. Another inspiration might be the vampiric krasue, a ghostly disembodied female head that wanders around surrounded by an spectral and incandescent flame, which is found in several Southeast Asian cultures and is believed to be a source of diseases and misfortune.

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