Costumes are what Gex occasionally wears when he visits a level. They each come in certain varieties and some even have unique abilities that only that costume can give Gex in that world.


Gex - Costumes weren't used in the first Gex game.

Gex 2/64 - The costumes finally make their big debut in this game, but are only used for environmental purposes, with only two exceptions*, one of which was a version exclusive**. Most were only located in specific levels. Gex wore, in no particular order:

1. Storm Trooper costume (The Rocket Channel)

2. Daffy Duck costume (Fine Tooning)

3. Bugs Bunny costume (Out of Toon)

4. Disco costume (Rezopolis)

5. Indiana Jones costume (Aztec 2 Step)

6. Cop costume (In Drag Net)

7. Karate costume (Kung-Fu Theater)

8. Caveman costume (Pre-history Channel)

9. Secret Agent costume (The Spy Who Loved Himself)

10. Gilligan's Isle costume (Gilligex Isle)

11. Godzilla (Gexzilla) costume* (Allowed Gex to face off against Mecha-Rez) (Gexzilla Vs. Mecha-Rez)

12. Scuba Diver** (Allowed Gex to swim underwater in the Titanic/ocean level. Exclusive only to the N64 version of the game)

Gex 3 - This was the only game that involved Gex using costumes in every level. Some of these costumes gave him additional abilities (i.e. gliding, super strength), and in some levels, you could wear more than one costume. The costumes included:

1. The Karate costume worn in Gex 2 (Worn in the hub areas, namely Mission Control, Lake Flaccid, Slappy Valley and Funky Town)

2. Snowboarding costume (Holiday Broadcasting)

3. Detective Trenchcoat

4. Dracula Costume (Mystery TV and the Gex Cave)

5. Pharaoh Costume (Tut TV)

6. Cowboy Costume (Western Station)

7. Army Uniform (Army Channel)

8. Pirate Costume (The Buccaneer Program)

9. Wrestler Costume (Worn while fighting Rock Hard)

10. Toga/Caesar Costume (Mythology Network [PSX])

11. Little Red Riding Hood Costume (Fairytales TV)

12. Gundam Costume (Anime Channel)

13. Tin Man Costume (Worn while fighting the Brain of Oz)

14. Gangster Costume (Gangster TV)

15. Superhero Costume 1 (Default/The Fly parody) (Superhero Show)

16. Astronaut Uniform (Worn while fighting Rez in the final level of the game)

17. Spartan/Gladiator Costume (Mythology Network [N64])

18. Firefighter Costume (Secret Level 1)

19. Akuji Costume (Secret Level 2)

20. Scuba Diver Costume (Secret Level 3)

21. Lifeguard Costume (Secret Level 4)

22. Herakles/Hercules Costume (Mythology Network)

23. Superhero Costume 2 (Gliding/Bird-Man parody) (Superhero Show)

24. Superhero Costume 3 (Super Strength/Superman parody) (Superhero Show)