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Circuit Central is a cyber-fiction world that takes place inside a computer in Gex: Enter the Gecko. The level contains Tron refrences.
In the level Gex must become "charged" to activate bridges and things. To become charged Gex must touch the green glowing orbs.




Chips And Dips

  • Bonus Level: Find The Given Items In Time.


  • Scale The Bionic Launch Tower
  • Cross The Data Bus Bridges

Honey I Shrunk the Gecko

  • Charge To The Top
  • Find The I/O Tower
    • From the starting area, accessed by jumping on three platforms, and using a charge to ride up a lift.
  • Charge The A.C.T. Steps


  1. Batteries
  2. LEDs
  3. Atoms


Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Circuit Central03:12

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Circuit Central

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Circuit Central Pt02:04

Gex Enter the Gecko OST - Circuit Central Pt. 2

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