Rez's World Channel - Cemetary

Map of the Cemetery

GEX (3DO) - Cemetery Stage Levels (Secret Level!) -HD 60FPS-07:43

GEX (3DO) - Cemetery Stage Levels (Secret Level!) -HD 60FPS-

All cemetery levels, including cut content.

Cemetery (aka Graveyard World) is the first world of Gex and is based on horror films and TV shows.


Gex arrives in the graveyard of Cemetery, tasked with braving the crypts to reach the villainous associate of Rez, Morphina and Gex must defeat her to get the remote for Twin Towers.




  • Spikes
  • Acid lakes
  • Loose soil
  • Moving Skull-Platforms
  • Gulliotine
  • Coffin



Gex OST - 04 - Cemetery Stage Music HD03:32

Gex OST - 04 - Cemetery Stage Music HD

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