Gex standing next to the first sofa.

Cartoon5 is an unfinished level. The splash screen shows that it's called 'Pow!' but it is a bug, because 'Pow!' is a finished level in the final game. It has only one cut content: a lot of sofas. The sofas are bouncers just like the bouncer stars. Maybe this meant to be the original Bonus round, because it has a lot of flies, but it was too long for that. It has a little memory game in the middle that you have to complete to continue the level, because you need a grasshopper to jump up to the platform. Also if you fall between the sofas you will taken to the middle of the 'Twin Towers' level.


Objectives: Collect as many Power Ups and flies as you can.


  • Spikes
  • Sofa


  • Butterfly
  • Grasshopper


  • Technically it's not a level, because it does not have an exit, but maybe the level was so unfinished, that the creators made only the starting point.

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