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Anime Channel

Anime Channel is the 9th level/channel of Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko. It is based on the Japanese animation, a.k.a. "anime", though primarily has influences from the mecha and shonen elements of it. It requires 19 remotes (total) to unlock. Gex dresses up in a robotic outfit reminescent of popular mecha animes, such as Transformers or Mobile Suit Gundam. This outfit also gives Gex the ability of gliding. The level takes place in some sort of spaceship. In the PS1 version's post-level cutscene after the first playthrough of this level, Gex realises that by this time, he has run out of disguises.




When Sushi Goes Bad
  • Demolish the Three Protoculture Tubes
  • Deactivate the Planet Destroyer
  • Find and Destroy the Five Rogue Mechs

Post-level cutscene (PS1)

Xtra: "There’s my big, strong Transformer."
Gex: (US) "Yeah, just call me Gex the Robot Butt-Kicker. Hey... Am I out of disguises? Now what?!"/(UK) "Just call me Gex the Robot Butt-Kicker. Hey, looks like I’m out of disguises! Now what?!"
Xtra: "Now you get rid of Rez and save me for a change."



  • Part of the level's theme song resembles that of the anime Sailor Moon.
Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Anime Channel02:21

Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko - Anime Channel

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